My Commercial Portfolio - not a lot
                                                  but the dollars help with the provison of non-profit sites.
As described more full in the "Getting a Paid Site" pages, this is an inexpensive way to have a quality website and at the same time help a non-profit or charity.
Sites are listed from newest to earliest job but even some early ones are maintained.

David Kirkpatrick

Steelcon consultants
Steelcon Consultants
Australian Railway Consultant

Hooper Engineering

An Artsy-Fartsy B&B
(Site taken down as they ceased the business)

Silver Eagle Agency

Cedar Creek Kennels

Arbutus Cottage

C. T. A. Group Inc.
(Now taken down)

The Quintessential Writers Group of the Sunshine Coast

Highgrove Standard Poodles

Trent Air Flight Academy
(business sold)

NWO Claims
Now done by pro

APLIS - Aviation Products Liability

bki Risk and Insurance

AIM Underwriting
Firm sold by Peter may and he retired.

For one of Betty Keller's authours. Designed the way he wanted it!

Another Railway engineer - this one in Australia. Tried to do his own using purchased "easy" software and gave up on it. Spring/09

Railway engineer needs business card site to show his skills, projects and history  Spring/06

A high end B&B with availablity and reservation calendar built in. First use of Yahoo preferred links system to generate high placement  Spring/06

Specialist Broker in Chicago - simple site to promote new facility.
Now done by firm staff

A friendly site for a dog kennel in Roaberts Creek. Features a staggered menu and special backgorund of dob prints to lend character. Nov/05

A Short Term Rental operation in Halfmoon Bay, BC. Features tie in to Association reservation service and large graphics to display features of area. Sept/05
Closed Sept 1/10

The first website for a new class of public legal assistants called Court Agents or Tribuanal Agents in Ontario. Need simple fast access and clear descriptions for promotion of the new service.

A site to sell the books of five local authors and it includes full descriptions of all the books and a PayPal online purchase capability. Aug/04

Important to owner that a collection of pictures be available to all as well as the pedigree for each dog. Clarity above content with an important guest book. Sept/03

The site has very successfully recruited international students for this flight school by showing the facilities and requirements. Aircraft for sale are posted from time to time. An inter-active form for contact is used.

Ontario based insurance adjuster wanted theme that promoted local tourist attractions but still was about adjusting. Large entry picture of Kenora seemed to solve the problem.   May/02

Still has portions to complete but customer happy with results to date. It has produced substantial revenue with few hits due to the very specialized nature of the subject covered. Feb/02
Now done by firm staff

A very large and complex site for an insurance broker including pages on all classes of insurance with application forms, contact forms, staff details and maps. A new employee had training in web work so the site was passed over and subsequently major changes made departing entirley from original.

My first commercial site but it has evolved over time. Sound and graphic are customer's preference and the site has been well recieved by the target audience. Ease of navigation in a unique format.
Still room for fun though with a Quiz and an insurance 'shopping cart'. Dec/00
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