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As described more full in the "Getting a Free Site" pages, sites can be provided at minimal cost or even free for those with no resources in order to help a non-profit or charity.
Sites are listed from newest to earliest job within the catagories. Sites that are not active have all their files saved just in case!
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CURRENTLY ACTIVE SITES I DO - in order oldest to newest
Gibsons Curling Club - designed to be just functional and fast. October/07
North Oaks Strata
To save a strata the cost of printing sale materials
Oct 2012
Ceramics on the Edge - Special event page - First annual show with online application and Donation 2008
My very first site ever and still my personal one. I was talked into doing it by the offshore sailing association who wanted all the Cal boat stuff posted. This site is in 'frames' which I do not use anymore. May/98
A very busy site with up to 8 separate community association sites plus an umbrella organization all contained in this 'portal' site. Large web space requirements as archives of minutes and corresposndaance accumulate. Requires easy reference to latest postings and flexiblilty in acceptance of material from many diverse sources daily. Jan/01
Magee Class of 1955 -
A fun reunion site with 50s music and icons
Designed so that each member can display his projects and even sell them online if he wishes. Over time expected to grow substantially as it includes the Christmas Toy project details. Jan/05
Gibsons Seniors Society - Harmony Hall - to highlight activities and annouce programs. Current logo on site also provided by me
July 2010
Amphibians of the Sunshine Coast
Show case of conservationist
Jan 2011
Sechelt Groves Society - Replacing one for the Hidden Grove
May 2011
Another site for the nature lovers.
Started Jan 2013
  • SITES NO LONGER ACTIVE - In a confused order!
members were involved in the founding and organizig of  the Festival of the Written Arts and the production of the Festival's famous Great Canadian Literary Cookbook
Together to share their love of quilting
A simple site to show the work of a committee dedicated to the preservation of the Hidden Grove area. Substantial PDF and other document viewing. July/02
See new site for Sechelt Grove Society
ReStore for Habitat for Humanity Sechelt - Charity that sells household goods and building supplies to build homes for low incomes
Went for own site in 2017
Friends of Garibaldi Park
Volunteers on the Mainland
June 2012
Arrowhead Centre Society - A support facility for the mentally ill. Now done by a director of organization - 2007 to 2011
St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliary - to show some of the great work done by this group - from 2005 to taken over by member May/12
101 Society
devoted to improving the Sunshine Coast
Highway  - 2005 to Sept/07
Member took over
Save the Sunshine Coast watershed and hurry about it. 3 days gestation period. August/07
Taken Down March/10
site down-They lost interest
Sunshine Coast Salmon Enhancement Society
A large site for this active group with PayPal Membership and Donation options. Bound to grow with time and to become a major Sunshine Coast site.
For the advocacy against a mine development in a near residential area. A need for constant updating and extensive archives along with interactive guestbooks for public input. Replaced a prior site with a simlar format which grew too cluttered in the haste to keep up with developments. Jan/06
Fund Drive Over
Linda's Liberation
Raise some cash for lay with MS 2011-2012

Site Down- election over
Alice Janicish 2011 Election site
-Ran for Councillor
Site Down- election over
Doug Smith
2011Election site
- Ran for Mayor
Alliance 4 Democracy
A broadly based coalition
2012 -2013
CoastRide - an organized hitch hiking plan for Sechelt
Sunshine Coast Trails Society - A new society devoted to the development and preservation of natural trails on BC's Sunshine Coast
Aug 2010
Sunshine Coast Bike Race
For the race each year
Jan 2011

site down
The important object was to create a site which showed off the work of these disabled souls while not being demeaning or even acknowledging, overtly, their disability. The artists themselves are frequent visitors to see their own work displayed to the world.
Sept/03 -2007
Sechelt Seniors Centre taken down after 10 years of volunteer work - sometimes 4 or 5 hours a day - reason? - Got me? STUPID/RUDE/ BOARD
Busy with dozens of activities reporting in along with regular events to promote. Monthly calendar of events and menu for dining room. Must consider more elderly and some ancient PC equipment in use. Oct/03
I was fired October 2013 in a complete mystery move after 10 years of doing whatever I was asked and speniding an inordinate amount of time seeking what to post and responding to Society wishes.
Can. Federation of University Women -  Very rude submissions
 so I fired them

Society site using original artwork by a member and incorporating her colours throughout as a theme. Special pages set out a major convention for the group and allowed for online registrations. July/03 to late 2012
site down
Designed to provide information for interested voters the site has various levels of security. Everyone can see the general information. To communicate with just the members a Members Only section is password protected as is a section for the Committee and the Executive.
Includes PayPal and form download features for joining the association.  May/04 Closed 2008
A bright low maintenance site for this airport organization finally purchased commercail pro for site. that was paid for by Calgary Airport Commission who have a few million!
Taken over from a club member who did the initial design, the site was completly revamped with new menu system, new backgrounds, additional pages, bulletin board and other features to keep this busy club site interesting and current.Dec/04
Member took over 2008
Newest site for this charity with head office in Sechelt but projects for children in Tanzania.
June/05 Member took over 2009
Special Thank You
BC Canoe and Kayak Sailing
Bought a boat so the next thing I get asked to do a site by some boat owners - Site taken down-lack of interest
May/07 to 2011
Site DownGroup lost

The Red Baronettes of Sechelt (Red Hatters)
for some fun too
2008 to 2011
SC Arts Centre
Short Term Site
Allowed for online bidding for art works
Rosella Leslie
Short Term Site
Good example of a registration for event active page
Up for a month in 2011
The most referred to site for the specialist aviation insurance business. High Google rating and regualr visitors. Use news import from filtered source, moving text box, online registration system and complex text files.
Launched on a BAD day Sept 11/01
Avindirect - Took site down as after 10 years retired I was not in touch so anymore.
A simple site that does the required job of providing important news of meetings and events along with a minimum of helpful information. More elaborate information is available through the links so is not wanted on this local site. Local theme used thoughout.  Jan/02 -2004
site down - organization seemed to fold
This once a year festival needed a resource for contestants to access complete listings of acceptable competitve material and for potential visitors to find dates and times for events. Jan/03
A New Member in the website biz took over
The battle to engage the BC Ferries over cut backs and more. Became one of the busiest sites I was ever involved in. Hours each day. Dec/13
Alliance for Democracy
Got pro to do it after about 3 years.