I have some pretty good domain names that I own but am not using. Maybe you would be interested but then maybe I do not want to part with them yet. Send me an email and be sure and describe honestly what you plan to do with the names as I don't want them going to something I don't like but to somewhre I really think is OK.

redbaronettes.com - 10/25/12 - N

  secheltinlet.com  - 2/10/13(redirected to here)

sechelt.info - 2/27/14 (using as work site now)

volunteerlist.com - 9/10/11 (redirected to here)

For the newbe - these are registered to me personally at GoDaddy.com. You open an account there (free) and then complete a transfer form for the name I have agrred to sell - you pay GoDady for one year or more of posting and get an extended period as a bonus. An email is sent to me by GoDaddy and if I have agreed to sell and have been paid THEN I confirm and the site is yours.
N = not renewing at expiry
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